The future of Battlefield

If you follow me on twitter you will know that I am crazy about Battlefield: Bad Company. Since picking it up from the store I haven’t stopped playing it. I make sure I get some time to play a bit of Multi-player as much as I can and it’s usually a daily routine, with friends joining in on the action every now and then.


I’ve been playing the Battlefield series since way back, Battlefield 1942 being my first game sent to me by EA when I was reviewing games for NVmax. I was hooked on Battlefield 2 for nearly 2 years and only gave it up in place of a dying PC and me buying my Xbox 360. I missed Battlefield 2 when I switched onto console however when Bad Company arrived, I knew I was back in the fold. The adjustment to playing FPS on a console was a strange one however I got there in the end. I’ve been playing Bad Company MP for a while now and although I’ve ran into various server issues and lagging at random the boredom has never kicked in. EA released Conquest for Bad Company a little while ago and I have played some conquest matches however you feel like you need more people on the map. Battlefield 2 had players en-masse and I think it will be a long while before we see 64 players in a game again especially on the 360.

Battlefield Bad Company

Battlefield 1943 will host 24 players fighting through land, air and sea and by the looks of things they are going to be re-introducing planes, thank the lord!!! Apache helicopters rock, but planes add some other kind of excitement. Iwo Jima and Wake Island are going to be putting in appearances again which should be pretty awesome.

Battlefield Bad Company 2

Bad Company 2 is to come back with more vehicles, more destruction and more teamplay which should be interesting. My whole love for the game is because of the environment being able to be demolished depending on what the players are doing. I’d like to see more teamplay in the game, with squad invites specific for your xbox live friends etc. The squad invite in the current Bad Company seems a bit all over the place currently.

Either way I’m looking forward to both new games and remember the future is bright, the future is Battlefield. (Not Call of Duty!)

COD5: The Disappointment


This blog post doesn’t start well. From the outset Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare went down a different road and became one of the greatest games of all time, more so because of the Multi-player side of the action. I played COD4 on the PC in the days before I had an Xbox 360 and Xbox Live. I only played COD4 MP for a short while before deciding it wasn’t for me. I had been playing Battlefield 2 for so long that it actually meant something when playing a map, there was an actual purpose. COD has always been an arcade style shoot-em up. You run, you shoot, you die. The maps were always pretty small in comparison to Battlefield.


I liked playing the single player COD4, it was new after all. It was the Modern Warfare that COD players had wanted for so long and it actually played really well. From start to end it seemed like it was longer than the previous games, in a way it seemed more hardcore. You felt like you were in the fight.


Call of Duty 5 just didn’t cut it. Going back to the world wars after the modern warfare we’d had previously I thought would entice a new kind of Call of Duty to come out. A Call of Duty where I actually couldn’t put it down, a Single Player with so much shock and awe that I’d be talking about it forever and a Multi-player to lose sleep and cut 2 stones of weight over. Did we get it? Hell no, we’ve gone back in time to the run shoot, die process of the earlier Call of Duty’s.

Granted the scenes between missions are pretty sweet and for anyone who doesn’t have any history knowledge can learn a lot, but that’s as far as you can go. There isn’t any real difference from the others… I mean come on, I can’t be the only one getting bored of technically playing the same game over and over again.

After buying Far Cry 2 one week which was the biggest pile of rubbish I’d picked up in a while (my own fault for not checking reviews), I’d have liked Call of Duty to ‘be an all you can be’ title. The Single Player missions were incredibly short, I finished the total game in what seemed like record timing.


COD 5 has two things which I thought were cool and they have nothing to do with the game-play.

  1. When an enemy has a grenade thrown towards them (I noticed this fighting the Japanese) if they can’t throw it away quickly enough they will actually jump on the grenade.
  2. Cut-scenes, they’re actually pretty decent and a couple of times I sat there impressed.

After playing the game through in full I’m not about to get all giggly school girl excited over the Co-op mode because quite frankly, who gives a bollock. Would I want friends to go through the same boring torture as I did? Am I going to play MP, am I hell. Once finished the game when swiftly back in it’s box and will be passed on to another unsuspecting soul before Christmas time.

I’m going back to playing Battlefield: Bad Company, it’s an awesome game and has a lot more going for it than COD5.

In all fairness this sounds somewhat like a Bad Company fanboy rant against Call of Duty, maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. I’ll stand by my decision. Call of Duty 5 is a disappointment.