I need some book recommendations


book recommendationsI was a big book reader as a kid, then as I was growing up my book reading stopped. There was nothing I liked more than sitting down with a coffee and cupcake and reading a good old book. A few months ago I started reading again and once I started I just couldn’t stop. Now I’m in need of some book recommendations.

I was reading biographies from Duncan Bannatyne, Gordon Ramsay and Chris Moyles. As usual I couldn’t leave the stories of war alone and read Sniper One by Dan Mills, 3 Para and Eight Lives Down by Chris Hunter but now I have come to a halt.

I seem to have read all the books that have caught my eye. I’ve looked across all the genres that would intrigue me, i.e. Business, Biographies and Military. I have even ventured in to my world heading straight for the design books and two books did catch my eye, “Transcending CSS” and “Zen CSS” being the books however I don’t think they are going to keep me occupied long enough.

I’ve never been a fiction book reader, I like to focus on reality rather than some crazy ass world with pixies and fairies. Harry Potter is my sworn enemy, I’ve never watched the movies and never looked at one of the Harry Potter books.

So it has come for the time to ask for some guidance. A lot of people will have picked up what kind of thing I am after from the book reviews I have done. To be honest, at this point I am up for anything I just really want to get reading again. 🙂

Comments or emails are very welcome.