Quantum of Solace Review


I saw Casino Royale at the movies, I thought it was complete rubbish so I thought it would be best to do a Quantum of Solace Review.

I had no inclination to sit down and watch it again on DVD. There was something about the entire movie that I just didn’t get, it was very dark and the very opposite of what I would call “a James Bond movie”. I was sitting one afternoon not long ago, on a typical Sunday when everything feels boring. Quantum of Solace was the only movie on the DVD shelf which I hadn’t watched recently and had to go for it since there was nothing else to do.

I got it, just. I certainly understood the story a little more and initial thoughts were that James Bond was gunna be pissed! at anyone and everything in the next movie.


3 seconds in and you hear the roar of the Aston Martin, bullets flying and cars crashing. YES! James Bond, the real James Bond is back and the only hope is that the movie continues with the same speed and tenacity as it opens with.

quantum of solace review

The sound which they’ve used throughout the film is astonishing, they’ve got it exactly right. Every crump of a bullet, every explosion or bang sounds so crisp you feel like you’re stuck smack bang in the middle of hell.

It doesn’t stop either, once you’re in, you’re in. From 3 seconds in until 10 minutes before the end you have to keep your eyes wide open.


There is no way I can possibly go in to detail about what happens in the movie, it would stop all the fun. What I can say is a lot of the people who I’ve talked to since seeing Quantum of Solace say that they enjoyed Casino Royale more. I am not sure if this is just me thinking it was better than it was or the other people were just plain boring.