Moving on…

After much consideration I’ve made the decision to leave Codeworks and go back to the world of freelance. For the past two years I have been very thankful of the opportunities that have been presented to me by Herb and Codeworks.

I’d say, for me, the biggest and best thing I’ve accomplished out of the many things at Codeworks was DIBI. I pumped every ounce of blood and soul in to it and I couldn’t be more proud of what it has become. But, with leaving, I’m stepping down from organising and running DIBI and handing over the reigns to the team at Codeworks.

If you’ve attended DIBI in the past, I salute you. Thank you for sharing two amazing years with me and I look forward to hopefully seeing you again soon.

Lastly, a thank you again to Herb, for putting me in an amazing position to do something I’ve enjoyed for 2 years.

What does the future hold?

Freelance Web Design. Simply put, I want to get back to my roots. Design excites me, our industry excites me, so I’m now booking in work for September. Whilst I finally get my own site done (new visuals will be uploaded to dribbble soon), you can check out my dribbble profile and hit the hire button if you’d like to work with me.

What else? Well, I certainly wasn’t going to leave conferencing behind. I’d miss it too much.

The Industry Conference

So I’m proud to announce what will be coming in 2012. The Industry Conference will bring together all elements of the web community to learn new things, share new ideas and processes and inspire you to create the future of the web. It will of course be different to DIBI but hold the same level or quality if not more than I aimed for before. You can sign up at the website to receive news of when I’ve got everything sorted, so head over there now! Oh and don’t forget to follow the Twitter account.

Stay awesome!


It’s all change!

Carrot to CodeworksIt certainly has been an interesting few weeks, everything as I knew it has now changed. Contrary to popular belief, I am not nor ever have been the owner/founder of Carrot Media. I held the role of Creative Director up until Friday just gone, (November 6th, 2009). Nearly 2 years of hard work, long hours and awesome clients enabled me to grow and learn so much. I’ve evolved and shot off in a direction that I’m ecstatic with.

I’m a bit like Johnny Five, I need input. I need to learn and grow on a daily basis and if I don’t learn something knew I feel like I’ve let myself down. Recently I’ve yurned a change of direction, more of a re-alignment to be quite honest. To hone my core skills, the skills that I love and would do whether it would be a job or not.

The re-alignment is in fact me leaving Carrot Media and every involvement I had with them. They are going to take over complete control of Eliot Turner and the Ecommerce Experiment, obviously this was something I had to think about as I am still a huge believer in giving good ecommerce knowledge back to the general public.

Thinking Digital

I’m joining Codeworks as the Marketing and Creative Executive and primarily looking after the Thinking Digital Conference with Herb Kim and the rest of the team. I’ll be hopefully working very closely with the rest of the teams and project within Codeworks to aid their growth. There is a lot planned for the coming year so I can’t wait to get there and  #crushit (Yes – I said it.)

Simple law of attraction?

It’s a strange one, when leaving Carrot Media I had the intention of staying freelance. I love what I do, so why wouldn’t I carry on doing what I do best? This is just a quick thank you to the people who have contacted me and I very much look forward to working with you in the near future.

Talking about future…

It is definitely going to be a busy time, but I love busy. It’s what I strive for. I’ll continue to be Beta Testing for WooThemes helping them make sure all aspects are covered before releasing their themes. I’ll be doing a few more talks to some larger audiences and working on a few more ‘other’ projects.

A late introduction

If you follow me on Twitter you will know I am a huge fan of anything to do with WordPress, I love the platform and its agility. About a year ago I said that I was going to create a theme or a set of themes for release. With everything going on at the time it was very difficult to do way too many things at once, never mind re-design my own site/blog which I am yet to get round to.

However, I have in fact finished the design of the first theme which will be released. I’ll be working with Rich, a great friend of mine and an extremely talented Developer to produce the themes.

The name of the first theme is ‘Spex‘ and will be a Personal/Portfolio blog theme. I’m extremely excited about it and look forward to getting it up and running.



I will write more about Spex, the more we get through the development process as well as the other themes which we have planned. So in the mean time, have a desktop wallpaper on me.

Spex Wallpaper