Four Christmases Review


Following on from my christmas movie list for 2008 I had a number of concerns that the one Christmas orientated movie had Vince Vaughan in it considering that Fred Claus was such a let down. I’m not a massive Vince Vaughan fan to start with and only class his movies as mediocre to say the least. Reese Witherspoon wasn’t the first actress to come to mind for a comedy Christmas movie but ho hum, you can’t get everything.

I had to go into the movie with an open mind as Four Christmases couldn’t possibly be worse than the Fred Claus Movie.


Vince Vaughan and Reese Witherspoon are an unmarried couple who like nothing better than getting away at Christmas. This Christmas they find themselves shacked up with all of their divorced parents having to go through four different Christmas celebrations.

Within 5 minutes of the movie starting I was literally rolling around my seat laughing my ass off and so was the rest of the cinema. If anyone didn’t break out in laughter in the opening thirty minutes of the movie they either lost their personality at birth, were asleep or completely dead. It was opposite to everything I thought it would be, it wasn’t one of those corny Christmas comedies where you feel like you have to laugh just to get you through it, it actually made my sides hurt on multiple occasions.


I’m not usually one for comedy movies but I thought this four christmases review would help and to start with and usually go for the more serious action styled movies but I am honestly glad I went to see Four Christmases. Somehow Vaughan and Witherspoon managed to pull off a movie together, in fact Witherspoon should get as much credit for the humor as much as Vaughan as they were both superb.

For comedy value the movie gets 9/10 in my opinion and its a must see for a good laugh this Christmas.