Body of Lies Review


It’s become aware that with everything that is going on in the world today that new technologies are being used more and more. The CIA takes a prominent position in the Body of Lies, with Russel Crowe and Leonardo di Caprio playing the leading parts. Crowe plays Ed Hoffman, a CIA veteran who has a permanent secure line plugged into his ear. Di Caprio plays Roger Ferris, the best CIA operative on the ground. He’s the best guy to get information from the places where it’s usually impossible.

Body of Lies review

After a bomb in England and warnings of others across Europe, Hoffman is on the trail of the fanatic who has started it all. Needing Di Caprio’s help, they both set off in search…


Di Caprio turns from hunted to hunter, knowing full well that to find the man causing all of the mayhem he will have to go headlong into the world of fanatical militants. Ferris makes a connection with the Jordanian Secret Service to enable him to get to the group he’s looking for. Hoffman puts Ferris in more uncomfortable positions than he’d want in a lifetime and on multiple occasions go’s against the Jordanian Secret Services wishes and it doesn’t end well.


They could have cut approximately 30-40 minutes from the movie and made it so much better. It’s not Black Hawk Down or Blood Diamond, it’s somewhere in between and although very similar to The Kingdom, The Kingdom movie beats it hands down.. Russel Crowe didn’t shine and seemed to be there only to beef up the Actors list. Di Caprio played a similar role, and acted similarly to the Blood Diamond role he played.

So much more could have been done with the movie in a shorter time. It looked great from the trailers but just didn’t cut it in the end. Such a disappointment.