Moving on…

After much consideration I’ve made the decision to leave Codeworks and go back to the world of freelance. For the past two years I have been very thankful of the opportunities that have been presented to me by Herb and Codeworks.

I’d say, for me, the biggest and best thing I’ve accomplished out of the many things at Codeworks was DIBI. I pumped every ounce of blood and soul in to it and I couldn’t be more proud of what it has become. But, with leaving, I’m stepping down from organising and running DIBI and handing over the reigns to the team at Codeworks.

If you’ve attended DIBI in the past, I salute you. Thank you for sharing two amazing years with me and I look forward to hopefully seeing you again soon.

Lastly, a thank you again to Herb, for putting me in an amazing position to do something I’ve enjoyed for 2 years.

What does the future hold?

Freelance Web Design. Simply put, I want to get back to my roots. Design excites me, our industry excites me, so I’m now booking in work for September. Whilst I finally get my own site done (new visuals will be uploaded to dribbble soon), you can check out my dribbble profile and hit the hire button if you’d like to work with me.

What else? Well, I certainly wasn’t going to leave conferencing behind. I’d miss it too much.

The Industry Conference

So I’m proud to announce what will be coming in 2012.¬†The Industry Conference¬†will bring together all elements of the web community to learn new things, share new ideas and processes and inspire you to create the future of the web. It will of course be different to DIBI but hold the same level or quality if not more than I aimed for before. You can sign up at the website to receive news of when I’ve got everything sorted, so head over there now! Oh and don’t forget to follow the Twitter account.

Stay awesome!


DIBI Conference 2011

DIBI ConferenceOne thing I rarely do here is write about something I’m the most passionate about. That being DIBI, the Design It Build It Web Conference held at The Sage Gateshead, North East of England annually. The first took place on the 28th April this year with a wide range of fantastic speakers including Andy Clarke, Michael Brunton-Spall, Simon Collison and Gareth Rushgrove.

From the feedback we received the conference was a success, so the planning for DIBI 2011 started almost immediately. The immediate thing to look at was the feedback from 2010 and the next was a possible line-up for the 2011 conference. The line-up is now complete and we have some fantastic speakers joining us and am very humbled to announce that Jeffrey Zeldman will be the Keynote Speaker.

The Full Line-up

Design It Track: Inayaili de Leon, Jeremy Keith, Mike Kus, Jared Spool, Brian Suda and Faruk Ates.

Build It Track: Blaine Cook, Rich Thornett, Jake Archibald, Corey Donohoe, Lorna Mitchell and Bradley Wright.

A quarter of tickets for DIBI have already gone and tickets will go on-sale on the 13th January 2011 with a limited number of Early-Bird tickets which will go on a first come first served basis.

The conference will take place at our fantastic venue, The Sage Gateshead on 8th June 2011 and is supported by, GitHub and Obox Design.

It would be great to see you all there, remember to put the 13th January in your diary!

Check out the full line-up over at the DIBI Conference website.


I don’t swear too much on my blog, but the title of this post was delivered by Tim Van Damme at the DIBI Web Conference, organised by Codeworks on the 28th April 2010. Tim managed to keep everyone highly entertained with his new words throughout his talk, where ‘Shitfucked’ and ‘Lazy Monkey’ rose to prominence.

You can view the rest of the DIBI videos on the Vimeo Album.