The Manual: Issue 1

Something I’ve been waiting for, from a friend, for some time. It arrived at lunch time today.

The amount of planning, preparation and sheer effort that has gone in to The Manual: Issue 1 is quite incredible. Just short of a year ago, Andy McMillan, Founder of Build Conf and an amazingly passionate fellow and friend announced The Manual. A curated set of articles from well respected professionals from our industry formed in to a well produced, well thought out book. Along with the articles the book holds within it some amazing illustrations from designers from around the world.

I can only congratulate Andy on his first The Manual, and thank the people who got involved as well as everyone who supported him on Kickstarter. I would hope a lot of other professionals in our industry will continue to support him by buying a copy of The Manual today.

Thanks, Andy. I look forward to Issue 2.