Fool’s Gold Review


Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson star in this romantic comedy love twist treasure hunt in the sea. McConaughey plays Ben Finnegan, a typical surf bum, always getting in to trouble and finding it hard to get out of it. He is also obsessed with trying to find the “Queen’s Dowry” treasure which was lost in 1715.

Kate Hudson plays Tess Finnegan, Ben’s wife (kind-of), their relationship is very rough and they manage to become divorced just before they start looking for the treasure which only adds to the comedy.

Fool's Gold

Tess enjoys the thrill of offshore salvage just as much as Ben, however she wanted to calm down slightly and finish her degree. Just as they are getting divorced Ben finds a vital clue which can lead them to the treasure that they have been hunting for.


As I said earlier, Ben likes to find himself in trouble a lot of the time and manages to owe a very dangerous Rapper some money for the boat he accidentally sunk. The Rapper knows what Ben has been trying to find and when he finds out that Ben found a vital clue takes the situation in to his own hands.

The hunt is on for the first team to find the treasure which is worth 500 Million Dollars. Ben enlists the help of a multi-million dollar tycoon who employed Tess as a steward. From there, the clues begin to unfold as Ben and Tess unveil more of the information surrounding the story of the cargo sinking just off the shore of the Island where they live.


Fool’s Gold was easier to sit through than most movies I have seen lately, I have seen a couple over the past few weeks and haven’t bothered to review them because they were that bad. I think McConaughey is quite a funny actor anyway, but linking up with the likes of Kate Hudson, Ray Winston, Donald Sutherland and “Spud” from Trainspotting added to the comedy.

I wouldn’t say it is as good as National Treasure, those films are in a world of their own and were fantastic but I would definitely recommend going to see this at the cinema or when it comes out on DVD.