Golden Compass Movie Review

golden compassThe Golden Compass movie is great! I know review’s are personal points of view but I don’t believe a word of what James Christopher has said over at the Times Online. Now I have that off my chest, think a mix between the let down that was ‘The Chronicles of Narnia‘ and the box office hit that was the ‘Lord of the Rings Trilogy‘.

Golden Compass The Story

The Golden Compass is set in world where witches, ice bears and animals as your own personal spirit are the norm. Set loosely using our world as a base with Brytain, Norroway and the North Pole it does take you close to a world that you would love to visit. You animal spirit friends are called Daemons however the word couldn’t be further from the truth. The bond that one has with their daemon is very strong, if one hurts so does the other.

Cast and Characters

I don’t usually give a run-down of cast and characters however in Golden Compass there are so many in this movie that need talking about I couldn’t resist. It is like talking about Lord of the Rings all over again.

Lyra is the twelve-year old girl who can read the alethiometer, the young girl who is going to battle through everything to save her best friends and other children from the Gobblers and the Magisterium.

The nasty Mrs Coulter played by Nicole Kidman, she’s sneaky very sneaky and is the lead player in trying to take away the children’s daemons away from them.

Lord Asriel is played by Daniel Craig, he seems like a lone crusader and adventurer and you do not see him for best part of the movie leaving it open for everything else to happen. There is a lot more to see from this character.

Mr Scoresby is an aeronaut. He and his daemon have traveled around the world and is a very knowledgeable character and aids Lyra in her adventure.

Iorek Byrnison is the lead playing ice bear in the movie and has his own in-depth story. A very strong and loyal armoured ice bear who assists and protects Lyra no matter what kind of trouble she is in!

Serafina Pekkala is the Queen of the Witches of Lake Enara. She has been around a long time yet very young to look at. Female yet a true warrior aided with the power of flight. I believe there is a lot more to find out about this character.

John Faa is the King of the Gyptians. Gyptians are nomadic traders and smugglers, they and their brothers from the Netherlands have come together to rescue the abducted children and take the fight to the Gobblers.

It’s awesome

After the fred claus let down, I really was looking forward to seeing a decent movie that I could talk about and rate highly, and it was found in The Golden Compass. The movie is an all-round take your kids to, sit down and enjoy movie.

Overall Rating: