Getting it all under one roof

I’ve been running various blogs over the past 2 years and have now decided to merge two of them. One being this one ( and the other being I had great thoughts about when originally starting out, but lack of time and even less effort hindered it’s progress.

The high hopes were hindered by lack of effort and the lack of effort was down to having too many places to blog when all I wanted to do was produce awesome content. I’m certainly not shy of hard work and writing content, years ago between 2000 and 2003 I wrote regularly at as the Gaming Editor. Our competitors back then were neowin, nvnews and guru3d. All three were very big websites and we had a plan to progress hard and fast through the ranks of which we were already pretty high.

I’ve been wanting to progress my writing in many ways so finding ways to move on and add better content was key over the past couple of weeks. Making the big decision to port the content from to here was a big decision I must admit but one which I feel I have to do.

So in future you’ll be getting the same kind of awesome content as you saw on Friday with the 30 Designers, 1 Question post as the follow up post is already in progress.