Lean Design

There’s been so much work happening over at happiest over the past month or so and transitioning my design process in to a lean environment has had it’ s challenges but also had some great successes.

Alex and I have catalogued our discussions and packaged them in to a series of Q & A with the first being “Shaping the product’s interface.” Enjoy!

Joining happiest

happiestJust four months ago seems like so long ago now, but in August 2011 I wrote that I was leaving Codeworks and DIBI to start my own project, Industry Conf – which is alive and well, as well as joining the world of freelance again. It’s been a short fun ride, starting off with a few freelance contracts before joining a team of talented people at a growing US based agency. It was a very interesting time which I’ll no doubt write about in the near future.

The want and need to work on a product rather than client projects was so overwhelming that I’m now very very proud and excited to say that I’ll be joining the team at happiest full time.

Some of you will know about happiest, I’ve been semi-involved with the Newcastle upon Tyne based startup for a while now, some of you may even have an account which is now slightly dormant.

I’m excited knowing that what it is currently is very ‘beta’ and acts as a very very strong foundation to build on and what we will achieve in the near future is something that you will be able to use every day, something that is quick and painless which will reward you for doing it.

Focusing on singular products is what I want to do and for now all my energy is going in to happiest and Industry Conf and I just can’t wait to get going.

Today is a new day and the start of a new journey for myself.


Sign up to happie.st

If you’re going to do one thing after reading this it needs to be signing up to happie.st. You don’t fully need to know what it is yet as you’ll find out in due course, but signing up is paramount.

Sign up to happie.st.