A Happy Person

I was walking to the office this morning, head phones in ears listening to a few of my favourite tracks. I began thinking about what I had to do today, what I achieved yesterday and what I’d like to achieve by the end of the week. Just to put things in perspective for the past 6 or 7 weeks I’ve been wire-framing around 4-5 different projects. They’ve been a real mix, some iPhone apps, an iPad app and two web apps. Whilst I find this highly enjoyable as it’s a huge part of my personal process, I knew that I had some iPhone app design work coming up.

I’m like a kid at Christmas when I know I can get my head deep in to photoshop and start creating some visuals.

How happy I was walking, listening and thinking reminded me of New York when I was there last year.

Jen and I had walked up and down Manhattan a couple of times but on this particular day it seems to be packed. If I remember correctly we were on our way back from the Financial District and decided to criss-cross over to fifth ave. We were wandering around as tourists do, getting in everyones way when I heard a guy singing. Generally in the UK people busk so it’s not un-common to hear buskers on the street however this was closer, this was right behind me.

I looked over my shoulder to find a young guy, early twenties singing at the top of his voice dancing in and out of the people around him without a care in the world. Most people would have branded him as mad, but you know, I bet he was the happiest guy in New York on that day because he couldn’t have cared less.

He was happy in what he was doing, just like I am today with my head stuck in Photoshop.