The Heartbreak Kid Movie Review

heartbreak kid movieHeartbreak Kid, Eddie (Ben Stiller) is an un-married 40 year old who has not been with a woman long enough to marry and finds himself being the only one out of the people he grew up with not being paired up with someone.

On the way back from his ex’s wedding he runs in to an apparent mugging. This is the first meeting with Lila (Malin Akerman). They embark on an incredibly fast romantic twist, whereby Lila doesn’t exactly tell the truth or reveal the full facts of her life.

Proposing shortly afterwards and rushing to their honeymoon Eddie soon realises that not everything is normal about Lila in the Heartbreak Kid.

My take on The Heartbreak Kid

A lot more ‘adult’ than I thought it was going to be, with the honeymoon romp involving a fully naked Malin Akerman going at it like a crazed mad woman wanting it hilariously hard! Soon after the first night, Eddie finds that Lila becomes more and more different, and the more different things about her that are revealed the funnier the film actually gets.

I did find that at some points Heartbreak Kid did try and become to funny for it’s own good and took away good parts of the movie. Other members of the cast which brought some comedy were Jerry Stiller who I thought was the main comedy genius ahead of Ben Stiller due to him not having a major part in the movie. His comical side was brought in at different times throughout the film which left me laughing.

My Conclusion

I will not be buying it on DVD, however it was not a waste of time either. It did make me laugh at quite a few points throughout the movie, and I did find it a lot more adult orientated than I had thought it was going to be. Depending on your own sense of humour you would either think it was hilarious and you loved it or it simply wasn’t your thing.

It was one of Stiller’s better movies in my opinion however the story could have been a little bit shorter.

Overall Score: 3/5