IE6 and Vista do work together!

IE6Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) and 7 (IE7) working on Vista

Yes folks it does actually work. Originally I had thought that once you upgraded to IE7 it was inevitable that you were going to do a full un-install before getting to use IE6 to check your browser compatibility when designing websites. Well I am now putting that rumour to bed, cya, gone and bye-bye.

I run two machines when designing, the desktop with XP and IE7 and Firefox and my laptop with Vista installed (also IE7 as standard). This then started the problem of not being able to check the compatibility with IE6. I found myself trawling the internet trying to find a right way of doing it but always coming to a dead end with Vista forcing you to stop.

How to install IE6 onto Vista

The idea is to not actually install it on your machine, you simply install it on a virtual machine. Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 has been made available to download free here. You then need to download the Internet Explorer Application Compatibility VPC Image from here and extract the files to a location on your computer.

Launch the Virtual PC and go through the installation procedure, when it comes to ‘use an existing HDD browse for you VPC Image‘ and carry on with the setup. I chose to run IE6 on XP and bumped the amount of RAM up due to the laptop having 2gb worth so I had some to spare.

At the bottom of the Virtual PC window you will find a few icons, if you are having trouble connecting to the internet like I did, right click on the networking icon, then choose Shared Network connection.

This same process can be used to use IE6 on your XP based machine when you have already upgraded to IE7.