Logo design process for Lakeland Mortgage Centre

The logo design project was completed as part of a full branding project. Lakeland Mortgage Centre is a long established mortgage company based in Cumbria, United Kingdom. One of the Lakeland Mortgage Centre partners recently retired and the company transferred to the remaining partner. I was asked to create the company a professional and memorable logo, which both fitted in with an already existing brand and suited the age and professionalism of the company.

Lakeland Mortgage Centre

Lakeland Mortgage Centre had no previous brand, their stationery was produced by a print company and the name was simply typed in blue. I was given free reign to develop something new. With some guidelines and wishes from the client I started the process;

Brainstorming and Sketching

Logo Design process




Knowing full well that mortgage companies are usually associated with houses for obvious reasons I wanted to move completed away from that association. I looked in to creating a typographical logo, however this wouldn’t necessarily have changed what Lakeland Mortgage Centre had in the first place. I was asked by the now owner of Lakeland Mortgage Company to not use a locational connection with the company as they now have clients across the entirety of the United Kingdom.

As you can see from the photos above there were a few variations of the logo floating around however I didn’t feel like the initial thoughts were hitting the right spot. I looked in to some research on the company owners surname and found the coat of arms (shield).

The reason that I decided to link the two was down to the emotional connection between the company and the client, the partner who now had full control had been with the company for a considerable amount of years.

Somethings are subtle

Sometimes the most subtle things have a lot of meaning. I went in to this process knowing that it would be very straight forward, however I wanted to add something to it to give it that little bit extra.

As soon as the client noticed the blue icon, it was recognised as part of the family crest. Client signed off. Excellent.

Logo Design for Lakeland Mortgage Centre

Logo Design for Lakeland Mortgage Centre

A really good client who left the options open for the design. Sometimes the most subtle of touches go a long way.