Lakeview Terrace Review


Lakeview Terrace is the new home for two new home buyers, Patrick Wilson and Kerry Washington. They become the target of their deranged new neighbour played by Samuel L. Jackson, an LAPD officer who is so odd he should be in a padded cell.

lakeview terrace review

Jackson takes it upon himself to be the all seeing eye of the neighbourhood and involves himself way to much in the daily running of peoples lives and especially his new next door neighbours. A constant pain in the newlyweds lives with constant harrasment and directed hate to them being a mixed race couple. In the end Wilson and Washington fight back.


I should have known from booking the movie which was the smallest showing room that this wasn’t going to be exciting. The most painful thing apart from losing a good 2 hours of my life to an awful movie is that now I feel let down by Samuel L. Jackson. When actors take part in rubbish movies which aren’t going to take the world by storm they’re clearly needing some extra cash for Christmas. I never thought Jackson would have done this but he clearly has. The movie seemed utterly pointless and is a MUCH worse version of Denzel Washingtons ‘Training Day’.

There isn’t much to say really, it was quite possibly one of the worst movies I have ever seen.