Seven Pounds Review

A muchly anticipated movie from Will Smith after the Pursuit of Happyness. I will not count Hancock and I Am Legend as my reviews of those were not the best. This time round I thought Will Smith would be able to give us something to watch, enjoy and talk about. Two of those things happened and one was a major fail.

Will Smith plays Ben Thomas, an IRS Agent with a secret who starts a journey of redemption by changing the lives of others.

Seven Pounds Review

Listening to Radio 1 a few mornings ago, the whole team were stating that Seven Pounds would have you crying like a small girl even if you were the manliest of men. Whilst there were a lot of people leaving the movie in tears (mostly middle aged women I might add) I just couldn’t understand why people thought it was so sad. I thought it was a pretty boring movie, I nearly fell asleep in parts and to glorify a subject which the movie follows thoroughly annoys me!

Factually I am not sure if half of the things in the movie could medically happen, it’s increasingly difficult to like a film when you can’t actually believe the story never mind agree with the subject matter.

I hope Will Smith gets back on track soon with his movies as the past 3 or 4 have not been worth the money spent on them.


I’m certainly not about to create a spoiler as it could be so easily done and you’ll probably know the outcome of the movie within ten minutes of sitting down but I’d like you to make your own judgement. The review could have been so much better if the movie wasn’t so obvious in its plot.

Valkyrie is the movie I am looking forward to and fingers crossed its a whole lot better than some of the movies I have seen recently.

The Day The Earth Stood Still Review

The Day The Earth Stood Still Review. A remake of the 1951 film stars Keanu Reeves as Klaatu and Jennifer Connelly as Helen Benson, a renowned scientist whom the world will depend on to find answers.


The beginning of the movie is somewhat unclear as it starts in the 1920’s with Keanu Reeves climbing in the Indian Mountains where an “orb” lands. Some kind of  abduction takes place, and Keanu Reeves is left on earth. The next scene sees Helen Benson, the scientist, receiving a phone call from the government where she is then transported to the local HQ for what the government think is going to be the end of the world. They enlist her help to try and find a way to aid them however quickly realising the end of the world is not so near as an “orb” lands and the real story starts.


Klaatu arrives back on Earth to help it, which through 75% of the movie is hard to believe. Gort, a giant indestructible robot walks from the “Orb” at the beginning of the movie and shuts down the entire gathering of the US Forces on the ground, he then proceeds throughout the movie to deliver a dust storm which eats through anything and everything.

To rid the world and start afresh is the only way to save it. Gort and Klaatu are on Earth to save it from the human race who in their eyes are intent on destroying it. John Cleese has a short role in the film as a Nobel Prize Winner who understands and reasons with Klaatu to give the human race a chance and help us/them to change and save planet Earth.


I had mixed feelings on going to see the movie. I had a feeling it was going to be an all looks and no show movie whereby its a lot worse when you put your butt on a seat. How wrong I was, the entirety of the movie was intriguing with awesome visuals throughout. Reeves and Connolly play very good parts however I believe the star of the show was Jaden Smith who played Jacob. For a small kid he certainly put in a massive effort with the movie adding emotion where it wouldn’t have been.

It’s definitely a must see movie this December.