Australia Movie Review

Australia, a film all about Australia?

A film by Baz Luhrmann, the guy I knew best for creating a song about sun cream…

Starring Nicola Kidman and Hugh Jackman, Australia is an epic movie with a romantic twist yet with action and adventure throughout. Set in the time that Australia was about to feel World War 2 at home, a posh Lady from England (Nicole Kidman) travelled thousands of miles to find out what her Husband had been doing with their foreign business.

Arriving she finds out some tragic news and needs the help of a local man called Drover (Hugh Jackman) to keep the business afloat and out of reach of the largest cattle company profiteer in Australia. Together with her new family and new found love, they travel across Australia to Darwin just as the Japanese Air Force are bombing Pearl Harbour. Their journey is treacherous but the adventure doesn’t stop as the Japanese then head towards Australia and launch a bombing campaign on Darwin. It’s an extensive adventure in the land of Oz!


I hadn’t rushed to the cinema to go and see Australia, in fact it was purely pot luck that I ended up seeing it at all. Typically there was nothing else on at the time that I wanted to go. I checked out a couple of reviews which said that Australia was an epic fail rather than an epic which didn’t have me rushing off my seat anymore to get there. It was the only movie on so I wasn’t going to see anything else and the real movies I want to see aren’t out for a week or so. Jennifer really didn’t want to see it.

It started at 1pm, we walked out at 3:55pm almost 3 hours later. Granted I moved around in my seat a little just so I didn’t turn to stone but I wasn’t bored. Not once. I thought the movie was going to end a couple of times but it carried on going. It seemed to add on chapters of a story where you would usually find the movie stopped and followed up in a years time. It was a terrific story from beginning to end, it was a moving story even if it was partially a love story.


There is a lot of history in the movie, a lot of it I didn’t know much about. Being a bit of a history geek I enjoyed learning more than the normal cinema gower but putting that to one side the story wasn’t affected by it.

It’s a long story but I’d watch it again and may possibly hit my DVD list.