My 10 things…

I read my friend Sarah’s blog the other day and she’d written a personal post called “My 10 Things”, something which she’d noticed on pinterest. I thought it was an interesting concept and thought I’d tag along.

I’m happiest when… I’m traveling without my phone and without any access to the internet or email. When I’m walking along a foreign coastline with my Wife talking about anything and everything. When I’m sat in the shade reading a good book that I’d be happy to read again. When I reminisce about the day I got married to Jen and every time I look at the scan photos of my soon to be born child.

The best place to be in the summer… The most random place that I thought I wouldn’t enjoy was Crete, one of the Greek islands. It ended up being one of the most chilled out and amazing weeks of my life.  And of course I couldn’t help but mention New York. I really really love that city.

I could spend the whole day… writing, reading, planning, designing, tinkering, sketching, thinking, chilling. Dependant on the mood I’m in, I could spend the whole day doing one of those things. Usually I can find myself writing better in a coffee shop, designing at my desk, chilling abroad, thinking anywhere, planning constantly and reading when I can.

I always wanted to be… Fireman Sam. A journalist. An architect. A fighter pilot. A soldier. A designer. A friend that cared. A person that gave a shit.

Favorite thing about my house… that it will be the place my child will know as home.

For inspiration I… think about anything else BUT getting inspiration. I tend to get most great ideas or inspiration when I’m in the shower.

It’s worth the splurge… Books, I buy too many then forget to read them all. Anything that I use on a daily basis, if I use something regularly then there isn’t any point in buying anything second class.

Words I live by… Courage, Discipline, Respect for others, Integrity, Loyalty and Selfless commitment. Just do it.

Day I’d love to live again… I’d love to do my wedding day again. I was very very ill for the 2 days leading up to and the wedding day itself. So much so that there are certain points of the day that I can’t actually remember. I would love to do it again but maybe slightly differently.

Brings out the best in me… Jen.

And with that, what are your 10 things? Write them up and post the link in the comments.

The Next Chapter: I’m going to be a Dad

I’ve always wondered what I’d feel the day I found out I’d become a Dad. Just today, I sat down in the ultra-sound room with my Wife to see my first child on a screen. It was about 9 weeks ago that we first found out and I was in two minds about telling the world or keeping it quiet til the first scan to make sure everything was ok. I’m absolutely thrilled to announce I’m going to be a Dad.

I'm going to be a Dad

The proud smile on my face has no sign that it’s leaving any time soon, both Jen and I couldn’t be happier!

I keep kicking back in my chair, just thinking over and over again “I’m going to be a parent, I’m totally going to be a parent.” Now, I have the photo to carry with me reminding me that it’s completely true.

Becoming a parent was certainly something that I wanted to happen and I’m so overjoyed and proud that I can share it with Jen.

No doubt there will be terrifying exciting times ahead leading in to parenthood, but at the moment I’m just going to lap up the excitement as much as possible.

Life is amazing!