It’s not about the $1 Billion

$1 Billion. It all came as a bit of a shock, out of left field. Everyone shouted and screamed, concerned that Instagram would be folded under and into facebook. Rightfully so if you’re sitting on the fence about facebook acquisition strategy never mind a fan of Instagram itself which many people are. It is argued that Instagram isn’t worth $1 Billion, a company with no  revenue. What has come out since the announcement regarding the quick fire negotiating between twitter / Instagram and facebook / Instagram.

Putting that aside for the moment, let me suggest that Mark Zuckerberg might have paid $2 Billion for Instagram and still not folded it directly in to facebook. Let me further suggest that now the $1 Billion purchase has happened he won’t for the foreseeable future folding it into facebook.

Looking at a small amount of facts;

  • Instagram is a very strong team, they scaled Instagram to an incredible user base with an incredibly small team.
  • Instagram now have an incredibly strong design team.
  • The majority of the Gowalla team was merged in to Facebook, they were also a very strong mobile team with great talent. (Gowalla was an incredibly good product in the early days – my opinion)
  • Facebook timeline apps are becoming more and more popular.

The Timeline

Predominantly, the timeline is made up of visible content from other sources. Video’s from youtube, music from Spotify, food photos from foodspotting and photos of anything from Instagram and these are just a few. If we look at textual posts, we can pretty much post to facebook from anywhere. ‘Our’ timeline is made up of content from auxiliary apps.

Zuckerberg also said his $1 Billion purchase was probably a one-off and wouldn’t become a habit. $1 Billion purchases might be one-off’s but I can see Facebook buying up experience apps to push to the timeline. It’s those auxiliary apps which make up the pieces of your life. And the more Facebook buys up, the more your life will be complete on the timeline. If all of the experience apps pushing to facebook just stopped for one day, how quiet would people’s timelines be?

NB: This post came from a conversation @alexhorre and I had.