Showing my favorites

I generally don’t actively set favorites on Twitter and if I remember correctly I believe I set my first favorite tweet by complete accident. Today as I was flicking through tweetdeck I came across my favorites which were limited in number and ones which I’d completely forgotten about. My favorite tweets are below, not many considering I’ve been a member since 2007 and have over 2500 tweets to my name.

Andy Clarke (@malarkey)


Matt Brett (@mattbrett)



Sam Brown (@sambrown)


And I even favorited one of my own Tweets, a calamity error by myself when posting a link for the ecommerce experiment led to humiliate me in twitterpublic. It was very VERY funny at the time.


The Twitter Auto-Follow Demise

Auto Follow is not going to help Twitter’s expansion one iota. Use Twitter for what its best at and stop racing towards a large amount of twitter followers.

Links I use in the video:

Dave Perel –
Adii –
Elliot Jay Stocks –
Gary Vaynerchuk –

eCommerce Experiment –

Spymaster – Viral Marketing or Viral Spam?

If anyone has been using Twitter a lot over the past couple of days you will have noticed a load of @spymaster links popping up all over. Spymaster is a new online game based around the backgrounds of Twitter. A spy game where you can recruit, play and attempt assassination of your other twitter followers or twitter users.

Now, its been a twitter trending topic for most of two days so you can imagine the extent of users now playing the game.

The PROBLEM I have with it

Don’t get me wrong, I think the game could quite happily help me pass a bit of time and it’s one of your typical online games which becomes highly addictive and you’ve got to force yourself away from it BUT it also forces messages through twitter and that’s just not cricket. Fair play to viral marketing but god damn it’s annoying and just not needed when it comes to games in twitter.

If games carry on being used with the Twitter API and forcing messages into everyone’s Twitter streams it’ll end up like Facebook’s Apps/Games and by christ are they damn annoying. If I didn’t want to keep in touch with so many people I would have closed my facebook account a long time ago purely because of “event invites”, “apps” and “games” because I REALLY don’t care that you want to play poker with me.

So my final words are, please Twitter, take the crap out of yourself. Stay Twitter and never go down the Facebook road. It’s just not needed.

I didn’t want to link to spymaster in fear that more people would sign up to it, but thought for the people that didn’t know what I was talking about I would need to.

Check out Techcrunch’s – Spy vs Spy – The spymaster backlash begins and twitter needs to fix it post