We Own The Night Review

we own the nightWhat was meant to be a night out at the movies after a very hard week at work for both Jen and myself turned out to be an absolute nightmare. We had both watched the trailer for ‘We Own The Night‘ and thought it looks good enough to be seen at the cinema. Our day was arranged and we’d booked the tickets for early evening. The parents had been to see the movie the night before and came back with a reply of “we thought it was pretty good!”. So all was well, there was no scare story about how bad it was or how boring.

The first five minutes of being sat in front of we own the night and Jen was twisting asking me if I thought it was any good? This is not a very good sign from Jen especially not after five minutes! It was a slow start for sure but I was looking forward to getting further in to it. 6 minutes into the movie and Eva Mendez was getting a breast out and being touched up by Joaquin Phoenix!!! From Hitch to this, what in the world! There were 13 year old girls sitting behind us who gasped with shock and embarrassment!

What is We Own The Night about?

A family story basically involving Joaquin Phoenix and Mark Wahlberg as the two sons, Robert Duvall as the Father and Eva Mendez being the girlfriend of Joaquin Phoenix.

Phoenix plays a club manager in we own the night who has disassociated himself from the rest of his family due to Wahlberg and Duvall being cops in the city. Wahlberg and Duvall warn Phoenix of an impending hunt down of a drug lord and the fact that he frequents the club in which Phoenix manages. The cops move in interrogate the drug lord and Wahlberg ends up being shot as revenge. Phoenix takes the fight back to the drug lord by snitching on him and then testifying, in the midst of this Wahlberg recuperates and Duvall is killed.

What didn’t I like about it?

I will start saying everything! There was nothing in my mind that liked this movie for any reason. After seeing a movie based around drugs and writing the ‘American Gangster review’ I was hopefully entering to seeing a well put together movie. What on earth Duvall (Days of Thunder), Phoenix (Gladiator), Wahlberg (Shooter) and Mendez (Hitch) thought they were doing at the time of putting their names to such rubbish I have no idea.

The movie on a whole was badly put together, obviously I am no director but the direction of the movie was just wrong, some of the camera shots were outrageous and the story was just… well rubbish to be honest. Some people walked out half way through, and I’ve not done that myself since Shrek 3 and couldn’t bring myself to do it. I kept thinking to myself “it must get better soon, it must!” but alas it didn’t and I left the cinema distraught at losing around 2 hours of my life which I will be putting on my Christmas list to see if Santa can give it back.

Time for some Wooosaahhhhh

I will be thinking about the next pick for a movie very carefully after we own the night however I believe it is going to be “I Am Legend” with Will Smith. I am yet to get bored of the trailer which I have seen so much of so let’s wait and see!

Overall Rating: 1/5