This is my 200th post.

My first post was written on August 5th 2007, just over 4 years ago. Taking that in account I’ve written on average every week since setting this up as my online home.

In August 2007 I was not engaged, never mind married. Kids weren’t on the horizon and now I’m 2 months away from expecting the birth of our first child and I was only just getting in to the web industry. It’s truly been an incredible 4 years, not only that I’ve managed to amass 4 years worth of written thoughts as I was never a writer but for what has happened in those years.

Just as a little insight here’s the top 5 articles (traffic wise) that have been written.

1. How to Present Your Design to the Client

2. Free Vector Check Marks

3. 30 Designers, 1 Question – Where are you most inspired?

4. Free Weather Icons

5. 1080px PSD Grid to Download

What’s Next?

More writing, more free resources and a new design as well as super focus on The Industry.

When content dies

When my content dies, I die with it. It bothers me endlessly, and of course it should as I’ve spent hours up on hours filling this domain of mine with what’s nearing to 200 posts. I’ll not be stopping it any time soon either, I’d like to think I’ll be around on this earth for the foreseeable future as I’ve got things to do. Since beginning writing on gavinelliott.co.uk in 2007, achieving 200 posts isn’t massive in the grand-scheme of things but it’s quality over quantity right?

I’d like to think I’ll be writing and sharing my content with you, the people who read it for a long long time, let’s just say for arguments sake until I’m at least 80. After all 80 is a good age, I could do a lot in the next 50 years and I’d like to somehow make or produce something that makes a difference. The death bit doesn’t bother me as much as long as I have everything personally in place before it happens then I’m cool with that.

But eventually when the time comes, and I’m not here to write or pay my hosting bill my content will go. It chills my bones to the very core. If out of the X amount of articles I’ve written, someone has been able to take points away and improve themselves or their work then the articles should stay online so someone in the next 80 years will be able to learn something.

Like a full to the brim personal diary that is kept under a pillow, I feel like that the content I’ve produced even though its virtual should have a resting place just like I will when I’m 80+. Web Archive doesn’t suffice really, who’s to say it will take active copies of my written articles in X amount of years. In this day and age is the only solution to print everything off and keep it in a box in the loft? You’ve got to be kidding me, that certainly hinders the public element to content distribution.

Nothing is safe, even the oldest library in the world could be the unfortunate recipient of a disappearing act. I know that my content one day could just disappear but it would make me feel a whole lot better if it was to be around for a little while after I was gone.

Please someone think of a way to secure written content online so it’s viewable well after the overdue hosting account notices drop in to the then non-existent email inbox because at the moment, when I go so will my content.

Dont stick with what youve been taught

I recently contributed an article to Fuel Your Creativity titled “Don’t stick with what you’ve been taught, you’re a creative so get creative!” I enjoyed writing the article and was honored by the comments left over at FyC.



Too many people look at other work and are again directly influenced by what they see. I say look at other mediums that are not directly linked to your own, look out for works of art that you could indeed work with for colour palettes. Look at beautiful brochures that could be linked to a new blog design, the world is your oyster.

Check out the post at Fuel Your Creativity and let me know your thoughts on the subject.