Creative Thinking

Alec Brownstein, a writer, needed a job. So he chose the names five NYC advertising directors that he’d like to work for. Then he bought an advertisement in Google that would be displayed when each person searched for his own name. So when they Googled themselves, they saw an ad from Brownstein asking for a job. He got two job offers. The cost was just $6.

Link via Urlesque


I don’t swear too much on my blog, but the title of this post was delivered by Tim Van Damme at the DIBI Web Conference, organised by Codeworks on the 28th April 2010. Tim managed to keep everyone highly entertained with his new words throughout his talk, where ‘Shitfucked’ and ‘Lazy Monkey’ rose to prominence.

You can view the rest of the DIBI videos on the Vimeo Album.

Stand by Me

I tweeted the video of Stand by Me quite some time ago as a ‘Happy Thursday’ gift. I was introduced to Stand by Me at TEDx Newcastle by Codeworks and Herb Kim. Needless to say I’ve since watched the video a number of times as it truly is a ‘pick me up’. Give it a watch and pass it on to as many people for Happy Thursday tomorrow.