Professional Progression

Talk Description

We join the design industry with little experience, but we’re never destined to stay at that level.

In a personal yet practical talk, Gavin shares his take on professional progression and what that means from both an individual and managerial perspective. As he says: “At the core of our professional progression is experience, but what does that really mean? I’ll take you through multiple aspects of what you should be doing to progress and know when the timing is right to go for a more senior role.”

This talk will discuss seniority in design, professional and personal development, the skills needed in more senior roles and how to become a great manager and leader.


My first ever conference #CampDigital was great. For me, as a recent graduate, definitely favourite of the day was @gavinelliott‘s talk about career progression. Inspiration and lots of take-aways. Thanks @AutoTraderLife for the opportunity and @WeAreSigma for organising. 🙏

— Janis (@JanisOzolins_) May 2, 2018

Inspiring talk from @gavinelliott on career progression in the sector. “Without effort you will not learn and if you don’t learn you won’t progress.” #campdigital

— Rachael Shah (@rachaelashah) May 2, 2018

Thank you @gavinelliott. I wasn’t sure it was possible to give an engaging talk on professional progression… but you proved me wrong! #campdigital

— Emma Parnell (@worddoodles_EP) May 2, 2018

My favourite talk today – about professional development and how to progress. Good job @gavinelliott 👍🏼 #CampDigital

— Hannah Pass (@han_pass) May 2, 2018

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