Recommended Books

Over the years I’ve read many books which I’ve found incredibly valuable. All of my recommended books cover topics of design, product management and business.

Design Books

The collection of books below cover everything for you if you have a job title like UX Designer, Interaction Design or Product Designer.

Product Design for the Web

Principles of Designing and Releasing Web Products. Buy it on Amazon

More Human: Designing a World Where People Come First

Start designing a world where people come first. Buy it on Amazon

User Story Mapping: Discover the Whole Story, Build the Right Product

This insightful book examines how this often misunderstood technique can help your team stay focused on users and their needs without getting lost in the enthusiasm for individual product features. Buy it on Amazon


How to use empathy to create products people love.

Buy it on Amazon

American Icon

Alan Mulally and the fight to save to save Ford Motor Company. Buy it on Amazon

How Google Works

How to hire, manage, motivate, strategize and grow a business in today’s disruptive world from Eric Schmidt, Google’s executive chairman, and Jonathan Rosenberg, advisor to Google CEO Larry Page. Buy it on Amazon


In 2008, Howard Schultz, the president and chairman of Starbucks, made the unprecedented decision to return as the CEO eight years after he stepped down from daily oversight of the company and became chairman. Buy it on Amazon

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