Chief Design Officer at Scrumconnect Consulting.

I focus on solving complex problems in simple ways and spend the majority of my time leading design teamsembedding good user-centred design and building the capability of designers.

Servant leader and people-centred manager

A seasoned design leader and manager, known for his expertise in user-centred design, team building and management, and his skill in guiding teams through complex design challenges.

Design leadership

Extensive experience in leading design teams and projects, focusing on solving complex design problems effectively.

User-centred design

Embedding user-centred design principles within organisations to create products and services that truly meet user needs.

People-centred management

Skilled in building, nurturing, and managing design teams, ensuring their growth and development in the design field.

Public speaking

An experienced public speaker, often discussing topics related to impostor syndrome, effective design practices, and team management.


1-2-1 coaching with designers to guide their development and goals.

Building capability

Extensive experience of building the capability of design teams of all sizes.

Most read articles

When a problem is solved multiple times, it becomes an article.

A stand-up, retro or planning does not make you agile

  • Fix your methodology misunderstanding.
  • Overcome risk aversion.
  • How to BE nimble.

Let’s start from the beginning

  • People-centred management philosophy.
  • Personal connection in management.
  • Effective use of 1-2-1’s

Gavin is one of the best design leaders I have ever worked with. Everyone wants to work with him, for him, alongside him.

Matthew Solle

Head of Design

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